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Corpus Christi Rights Respecting Schools Class Charters


Miss Monaghan & Mr Matysik (Reception)

The boys and girls in Reception may be the youngest in the school but they are fully committed to and understand a lot of the rights children should have in order to live a full and fruitful life.

Miss Greaves & Miss Yates (Year 1)

The children in Year 1 a real champions of children's rights. They try to link them into all aspects of their lives. 


Mrs Flannery & Miss Stokes (Year 2)

Year 2 have been finding out about those children whose rights aren't respected; no just around the world but closer to home too. The boys and girls have been learning all about the way in which some children were treated in Victorian times...if you listen carefully you might be lucky enough to hear Year 2 singing the Rights Respecting School's Song!

Mrs Kenny & Mr Fitzhenry (Year 3)

The boys and girls in Year 3 have been focusing on lots of different articles; especially the articles that tells us that tell us that children should be listened to and the right to find things out and share these with others.


Miss Malins, Mrs Feely & Mrs Harrison (Y4)

Year 4 have focused on a wide range of articles in their learning. They have found out about the child's right to be healthy and exercise.

Year 4 have enjoyed doing research work and getting lots of information about their topic - this is a right of all children.


Mr Martin, Mr Pell & Mr Vencatachellum (Year 5)

Year 5 have had a look at the lives of world leaders. Leaders such as Nelson Mandela have taught us about the right to freedom, that we have the right to be helped by our government in certain situations.

As we are a Catholic school this shows us that our right to practice our religion is respected and because we are a school in a diverse area of Birmingham, those of us who speak a different language are respected and this is celebrated.


Mrs Wright, & Mrs Garghan (Year 6)

Throughout this year, year 6 have been focusing on the right to a good education - they believe that by coming to Corpus Christi they receive that.

Year 6 were recently confirmed by the Bishop and this shows that they have a right to a religion.

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