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Online Safety @ Corpus Christi

Keeping our children safe is our highest priority. Now that the internet is expanding at a greater pace than ever this can open up a range of different problems. This page is here to offer advice and point you in the right direction for any support you may need.

Dear Parents,

re: Snapchat

At Corpus Christi, e-safety is a crucially important aspect of our safeguarding and we aim to inform and educate our pupils, parents and staff on the current issues surrounding this subject. We wish to inform parents that Snap Chat have launched a new update on their app called ‘Snap Map’. This latest feature allows users to share their location with people they are connected to on Snap Chat. The feature displays a map of people they are connected to, showing their latest location using a smartphone's GPS sensor. Users of the app can also display public photos and videos sent by people from those locations. We urge parents to disable this location feature on their children's phones by selecting the ghost mode on this app. It may be the case that some students are connected to people on Snap Chat that they do not personally know. This facility allows a student’s location to be traced by these strangers. To enable the ghost mode, simply pinch the screen when it is in the selfie mode to bring up the Snap Map. Click the settings icon in the top right hand corner and select the ‘ghost mode’. We urge parents to discuss this information to support the message we are sending out in school. The digital world changes very quickly and by working together we can ensure that we educate our young people on becoming responsible digital citizens.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Taylor


We wish to help keep our parents informed to new releases on digital technologies. We have included a link to the ‘NSPCC guidance for parents’ regarding Pokémon GO. 

BBC News: Pokémon GO
NSPCC Advice and Guidance on Pokémon Go

Take a look at what Kara & Winston are up to in the short film below by clicking on the SMART Crew link...



Keeping your children safe online
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E-Safety videos to watch with your child for 5-7 year olds
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E-safety games to play with your child for 8-10 years old
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Advice for 11 -16 year olds
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Worried about something and need advice? This is the place for you to visit for some ideas.

E-Safety story to share with young children
A wonderful story for younger children (and their parents!!) This points you in the direction of an app also.

How can I contact school?
There are many ways you can contact us about any aspect of school. (Please remember that if you cannot get through to anyone and you have a real concern for the safety of a child; phone the police on 101).

Parental controls offered by your home internet provider
Some video advice from the 4 main internet providers on how to set up parental controls.


If you have any concerns about the safety and/or welfare of a child or young person telephone the Multi-Agency Safeguarding HUB (MASH) on 0121 303 1888 or email MASH@birmingham.gov.uk
Outside of normal office hours please call 0121 675 4806 for the Emergency Duty Team

Below are just some of the examples of the wonderful work about the importance of being safe when online from our SMART children in Year 2:



Online Safety is an important part of keeping children safe at Corpus Christi . We have extensive security measures in place in school, which are monitored both internally and externally, to help safeguard pupils from potential dangers or unsuitable material. Any e-Safety incidents are recorded and managed in accordance with our Online Safety Policy. Online Safety is taught to all pupils explaining and demonstrating how to stay safe and behave appropriately online.

We can only be successful in keeping children safe online if we work with parents to ensure the Online Safety message is consistent. It is important that parents speak to their children about how they can keep safe and behave appropriately online.

It’s essential to be realistic - banning the internet or technology will not work and it often makes a child less likely to report a problem. Education around safe use is essential.


Please note that no search engine is ever 100% safe but below provides some links to some “safer” search engines:

Research searching
Kids Yahoo

Google offers a safer search option for children searching on the Internet. Click here to read more.

Image searching

When children are accessing games via Xbox LIVE, privacy settings can be set up. To read more, click here.


CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) delivers a multi-agency service dedicated to tackling the abuse and exploitation of children in the real and ‘e’ world. Often it is referred to as an online 999. By clicking on the button, young people and parents can get advice on a range of issues such as viruses, hacking and dealing with bullying online.

Vodafone have produced a Digital Parenting Magazine which informs parents about the various technologies children are accessing today. There is information on Facebook settingsXbox360 settingsBlackberry controls, jargon busting and many more 'How to Guides'. Well worth a read!

The "Thinkuknow" website is brought to you by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) centre.

Kidsmart gives you lots of advice on how to stay safe online.

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