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Extra Curricular Activities at Corpus Christi

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities with the aims of developing skills and confidence. We provide different and interesting activities such as Zumba and Cheerleading. Sports clubs are only a part of the enrichment activities that we offer. We also aim to provide additional non sporting clubs such as Art Club, Eco Club, Code Club and a Gifted and Talented Club - Aquila, to ensure inclusion and enjoyment for all children.
Corpus Christi Extra Curricular include a wide range of stimulating and interesting activities that all children have access to.

Below you can find more in-depth information about the extra curricular activities that are run at Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School.


Football Club

Football club aims to introduce and develop a range of skills including balance, coordination, ball control, confidence and stamina.

The club is very popular and teams are often chosen from the children who attend the club. The children have played in many competitive matches and we have children who also play for the local district team.

code club

Code Club

Code club enables children to improve, establish and master writing computer codes and creating algorithms.

Again, this is a very popular club that has seen children create a wide range of computer programs using Scratch.

games club

Games Club

This club is run during a lunchtime and children are free to enter it at any point in the school year. We have a range of games from snakes and ladders to chess (Our school won the Birmingham Catholic Primary Partnership Sports Association in the Summer Term 2015).

This is a super opportunity for children to socialise and learn new skills.

Lego Club

Lego club gives the boys and girls an opportunity to develop their creative side. Mrs Tuohy works alongside the pupils to ensure that they get the best out of the club and have the opportunity to talk to peers and adults about how they are feeling.

The Corpus Christi Choir

Our incredibly successful choir has been running since 2012 and often supports the school during sacramental masses in church.

The school is part of the Birmingham Primary Choir and often attend prestigious venues such as the Symphony Hall as well as smaller, but just as important venues across the city.


Cricket Club

Our Cricket club offers a chance for the children to gain a range of skills, including coordination, striking and bowling a ball.

The club enters a league each year and plays competitively and some friendly games with other local schools.

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